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A Trip to Sakleshpur, The Bewildering Experience, In an Economical Manner

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Sakleshpur as we all know is an Extravagant hill station that is located amidst the district of Hassan. This place is the perfect place for thrill seekers and people who are looking for some fine tuned adventure, Along with the beauty of nature along with the great trekking facilities and for people who want to have a getaway from their work and chill for some time along with nature and the beauty of it, This place is well known for its amazing bio diversity and the nature that it withholds and along with that this place is also the portal of various amazing plantations such as the Coffee and Tea along with some popular spices, People can easily connect to this place and have a Stunning experience on the course. Best Resorts in Sakleshpur

Lets have a glance to give you the perfect itinerary on why this place is the ideal getaway portal that you shall definitely visit and why is it the one that we along with the Wild valley crew, suggest you to definitely check out.

A Trip to Sakleshpur, The Bewildering Experience, In an Economical Manner
A Trip to Sakleshpur

The Sakleshpur Itinerary -

Route to Sakleshpur -

The Town of Sakleshpur Resides in the Route of the NH75, The Place is near about 220 Kilometers from Bangalore and it only takes around 3-4 Hours to reach there from the Metro City of Bangalore, Also along with that the place is quite close by to Mangalore and thus making it the perfect mid-spot on the course of Bangalore and Mangalore. There are various local bus services such as the KSRTC as well as the Volvo buses as well as Taxi services as well that can get you to the place in a very affordable as well as reasonable manner. Homestays in Sakleshpur

Affordable Stays and Comfort Apart from the hassle of the Modern Traffic World -

We all clearly know that the modern world is full of noise, pollution and a lot of traffic, And that is why Sakleshpur becomes the most exquisite spot away from the city lights and the crowd and gives you the most exquisite staying experience that you can imagine. With the Wild Valley Inc. not only you get the most affordable overnight staying cottages, But also various other packages that are far away from traffic and crowd where you can simply bust down all the stress that your week has put you thru and you can chill for a couple of days and enjoy the beauty of the nature and the great food that you are served, Thus overall providing you a 5 star experience at the most minimal cost, in amazing cool cottages and amazing camps along with various adventure activities and games too.

Amazing Food and Adventure Sports -

Food can be a great stress buster, And what other than having the fine feast of the local food of Sakleshpur hand prepared by the finest chefs out here, Along with the great food that is rich in spices and great nature side occupied ingredients with no pesticides and everything that is fully organic, you also get a chance to enthrall yourself into adventure sports, Sakleshpur is also a place that is quite popular among the Thrill seekers, And that is why if you are one of them, You are going to love the place even more because you will be able to find a lot of amazing and astounding Sports and games that the Wild valley Resorts Co. Will enlighten you with, And thus making this place the perfect spot for Chilling, Thrill and pleasing your appetite all at the same time with the course of the beautiful nature that it occupies.

Tourist Attractions of the Sakleshpur, The Views, The Nature and The Popular Places to visit-

First and foremost the best part of staying in Sakleshpur is that everything is a lot affordable as well as sophisticated, That means that not only will you be able to have an amazing getaway, but a getaway that will save you a lot of your hard earned money as well, Now at last have a glimpse of some of the most amazing tourist spots of the place -

The View And Nature -

As we all know that Sakleshpur is situated amongst the western ghats and that is why the place is rich in the beauty of nature and amazing views of mountains, Rivers, as well as various other profound spots of the nature, Along with that you will be able to feel the breeze away from the city crowd and enjoy a perfect and nature rich view that is full of greenery, forests and mountains. Resorts in Sakleshpur

Popular Places to Visit in Sakleshpur -

There are quite a few number of amazing attractions of the Sakleshpur, here are a few to check out -

The Manjarabad Fort-

A fort that was created by Tipu Sultan, An Alluring beauty that is shaped in the form of stars, And something that is really beautiful and gives an aesthetic view to the tourists, A must visit place if you are visiting the town of Sakleshpur.

Bisle Ghats -

What better than having the glance at the top most and the most beautiful view point of the town, Bisle Ghats are the center of attraction that give the travelers a view point that is definitely worth admiring.

Many Waterfalls and Much more -

There are quite a few number of dazzling waterfalls along as well, These waterfalls will surely show you the beauty and the allure that the nature has to offer and are surely going to leave you astounded at must.

Homestays in Sakleshpur | Resorts in Sakleshpur

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