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Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It’s your vacation time and now you are looking for a place where you can spend some quality time along with your family and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. When you search most visited places in India on the internet, the search result always shows sakleshpur in its results. Spanning a small area size, sakleshpur is one of the most liked tourist destination city in India. Its home to memorable waterfalls, towering mountain ranges, dense green fields and adventure activities. But what makes sakleshpur special is its people and appealing nature. It’s a place that embraces its diversity and that encourages people to be friendly, caring and polite. Near to the tech hub and beach city like Bangalore and Mangalore, sakleshpur is always in the watch list of every tourist from India as well as foreign visitors. Manjarabad fort is a star shaped fort in sakleshpur which is highly popular for its built shape, many travelers from all around the world comes here to see the beauty of Manjarbad fort. And if you are planning to travel in southern part of India then it is recommend go through the fort during your trip. To help you explore this amazing place; we the Wild valley resorts are here and we think that once you go throughout our whole blog, all of your hesitation, curiosity and query will be answered. Before heading towards the Manjarabad fort reasons to visit we should look onto the history of this fort.

Manjarabad Fort - Sakleshpur
Manjarabad Fort - Sakleshpur

Manjarabad fort - Sakleshpur | history- A glimpse of past

Manjarabad fort is a star shaped fort built in 1792 by Tipu Sultan the then ruler of Mysore using French military architects. It is in the Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Tipu sultan built the fort at a time when he was establishing his sovereignty over Mysore, fighting against other south Indian dynasties. At this time even the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad had aligned with the British. The sultan wanted to make the highway between Mangalore and Coorg secure for his expansion programs. Because he was allied with the French at that time against the British, he sought the help of French engineers to build a star fort of the European style. The completed fort was inspected by Tipu sultan who then found it enveloped in fog and hence named it as Manjarabad fort; the name Manjara is a version of manju meaning fog or mist in Kannada. Now, we think that you know manjarabad fort history in details. So, let’s move to another section of the post and see about this fort and all the things that make it a best tourist attraction in sakleshpur.

What makes manjarabad fort awesome-

Manjarabad fort in sakleshpur is one of the majestic forts that’s stood the test of time and offers visitors stunning views, a peaceful picnic spot, and a chance to catch up on history. Many visitors do road tripping from Bangalore to the fort as it’s just four hour drive which makes it a perfect road trip. Although the built shape of fort is hard to tell from a ground-level but when you climb on a cliff and look towards the fort, you will see that it is of exact star shaped. The eight walls with the bastions that project out like arrowheads are what gives the fort its unique shape. The views are astonishing, given that it is situated on a towering green mountain. Local people also stated that there are many underground tunnels that connect the fort to Mysore as well as Srirangapatna fort but it just exist on records because the tourism department has closed all the entrance and exits of tunnels for ensuring the safety of tourists. The best time to visit this star shaped fort is to go during the monsoon season as the mist usually engulfs the fort.

Top reasons to visit manjarabad fort-

- An Architectural Brilliance that you perceive only once in life.

- Fascinating and mesmerizing landscape view.

- Trek that starts from ground level and ends at the top of towering cliff.

- An ideal destination place for a satisfactory road trip.

- Near to other popular tourist attractions like Sakleshwara temple, Manjehaili waterfall and several others.

- A place that reflects the historical empire of Tipu sultan.

With these reasons and awesomeness of this place we are sure that you can’t resist to visit this start shaped fort but before making any trip you should always think about accommodation or staying place in destination city where you can find pleasure by staying, and enjoy some adventure. If you’re looking for a staying place near in sakleshpur or near manjarabad fort, then there is nothing much better than our Wild Valley resort and here are the complete reasons why you should choose us and how we are the most opted best resort in Bangalore.

Why stay at Wild Valley resort-

There are several resorts in sakleshpur and nearby to this area that you can choose from but finding the perfect one that you can count on for accommodation is a difficult task. Here are some points that makes us unique and special among other competitors.

-Our Commitment - To us, it’s not just a work- we take pride whenever a tourist stays in our resort. We assure them with our quality services that we promise during their booking time and aren’t satisfied until they get complete comfort and until services meet our own personal high standards.

-Friendly environment- We are a team of down to earth people and all of our staff are totally of customer friendly nature. Once you stay with us for just some days, you will feel same like staying in a place with your family members.

-Sizzling food- Our head chef’s energy and passion ensures every meal looks good and tastes delicious! Every meal is prepped and cooked by our talented chefs and with the fresh and sizzling food it is for sure that customers will be delighted.

-Perfect Location- Situated in the heart of Sakleshpur and nearby to the most famous location such as Manjarabad fort and Sakleshwara Temple, Wild Valley Aclat Meadows is the perfect resort in Sakleshpur which is close to almost every tourist attractions.

-Adventure activities- We believe that everyone should get an adventurous life however it can’t be

possible in our regular city life. That’s why here in our resort we offer you some adventure activities like Trekking, Hiking, Cycling, Fun games, Traditional games, Cricket, Football, Water games and much more that can be possible in large meadow.

Now, we think that you have a clear view on Manjarabad fort and why Wild valley resort is an ideal choice to choose for staying during your trip. So, just plan your trip and leave rest of the things on us.

See you soon!

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