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Sakleshpur Places to Visit

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

India is a country which holds a topmost position in terms of numbers of tourist places or attractions sites. Tourists from all around the world come to see the beauty of this country and in the returning time, they recall moments and try to spread our Indian culture to all of their people in their native place. Almost every region in India is somewhat famous for its tourist attractions; one of the examples is Sakleshpur. The Sakleshpur is a silver tropical paradise that has attracted tourists from all around the world. When you visit Sakleshpur, you just feel calm as your surrounding are beautiful. Time slows down and you unwind without any effort. Even if you are doing something adventurous, it does not seem like a strain. And that is a mini holiday that we all crave every now and then. If you are in Bangalore or lives nearby to this city, then you are totally a lucky person. As the ride from Bangalore to Sakleshpur is full of relaxation, adventurous and mesmerizing. Now, you might be wondering what exactly is Sakleshpur and why many people from all around the world spend most of the time in this place. Sakleshpur is an offbeat hill station where a weekend is all you need to freshen up and beat down your stress. Here are the things that make Sakleshpur a destination place for travelers and the geographical model of this place. Homestays in Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - Green Track
Green Track

Sakleshpur- The paradise place-

Situated in the Hassan district of Karnataka, Sakleshpur is a quaint hill station that boasts a scenic environment, pleasant climate, and lofty green hills that are full of cardamom, coffee, pepper, and areca plantations. It’s a spectacular town tucked away in the Western Ghats on Bangalore-Mangalore Highway. Located at an average elevation of 949 meters, this beautiful holiday destination is very popular for its fascinating mountains, scenic beauty, and pleasant weather as well. This place offers a revising get away from the busy city life. Besides, trekking to the Bisle reserve forest trial and Kumara Parvatha is also the best ways to explore the rich biodiversity of the place. Even if you are not an enthusiastic trekker, a walk around the picturesque town can be very rewarding. To reach Sakleshpur, you would have to take a train to Hassan, 35 kilometers away. The nearest airport is the one in Mangalore, but many travelers prefer to train to Hassan and then drive to Sakleshpur or ride in the bus to Sakleshpur. This place holds a good number of tourist attractions in it or nearby to this place. Some of the extraordinarily visited places are- Resorts in Sakleshpur

The Bisle Reserve Forest- Here tourists can enjoy exploring the flora and fauna of the Bisle Reserve forest which is just 45 KM away from the city. The view of the forest is easily extravagant. Walking around this place for just around half an hour will give you the extreme and energetic wildlife experience that your sore city eyes were looking from a very long time.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - The Bisle Reserve Forest
The Bisle Reserve Forest

Manjarbad fort- If you are in Sakleshpur you should definitely visit Manjarbad fort to enjoy the aerial view of the Western Ghats and its Islamic style of architecture. The fort sits at an elevation of 3,240 ft above sea level and there is a tunnel that leads to Srirangapatna but you cannot trespass without the permission of the local govt. authorities.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - Manjarabad Fort
Manjarabad Fort

Kukke Subramanya Temple- Here pilgrims can spend some time at Kukku Subrahmanya Temple which is situated in the village of Subrahmanya and rest amidst forests, mountains, and rivers. This temple is popular for performing ritual rites to put off “Sarpa Dosha”.

Sakleshpur Places to visit - Kukke Subramanya Temple
Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple

Jenukal Gudda-Come to see the Jenukal Gudda, the second highest peak in Karnataka which is cuddled by dense forest and coffee estates, offering a pleasant view of the Arabian sea in Mangalore. This place also got the highest rating from the popular traveling and trip advisor website.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - Jenukal Gudda
Jenukal Gudda

Bisle Ghat- It is another must-see attraction in the city, which is home to king cobras, Kadave, tigers, and several species of birds. One can also enjoy picnicking in Bisle Gudda or sunny mountain which rests at the ghat.

These are some of the places that every traveler visit at least one time during their trip to Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur has some of the best tourist attractions to visit but it doesn’t mean that it is just limited to place visits, in-fact there are many adventure activities that you can do here to enjoy this place in a full manner.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - Bisle Ghat
Bisle Ghat

Adventure activity for tourist in Sakleshpur-

As a tourist you can make your trip all the more adventurous in Sakleshpur by getting indulged in ‘The Green Route Trek’ on the railway tracks to the Subramanya Road Stations, which is around 56 km, stretching from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subrahmanya and speckled by 58 tunnels, 109 bridges, and 25 waterfalls. Apart from these, Agani Gudda is a perfect spot for trekking, picnics, and outdoor camping. One can get a gratifying experience by viewing the surrounding rice terrace from here. Other trekking areas in Sakleshpur are Bisle ghat or Bisle reserve forest and Kumar Parva, which is the most challenging hike for trekkers. Besides these, the wild valley resort offers some adventure rides in our resort which are organized under the supervision of the instructor for safety concerns and, that is included in plans. So, let’s see why wild valley resort is an ideal place to stay in Skaleshpur.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit - Agani Gudda
Agani Gudda Trekking

Why you should stay at Wild Valley Aclat Meadows?-

The name of our resort matches simplifies the meaning of an ideal holiday. The entire resort is designed to keep a hilly station and its serene ambiance in mind. The facilities will give you the hilly station vibes, and every type of modern and basic facilities are available here. The surroundings and the backdrop of the resort provide a peaceful sight to the eyes, mind, and soul. If you have been longing to spend some quality time completed drenched in the fascinating scenario of Sakleshpur, Wild valley Aclat meadows is the place you need. Our resort is one of the best resorts in Sakleshpur as well as in Bangalore. The resort along with fine dining features a wide species of flora. We offer a wide range of activities such as paintball, grass volleyball, Meadows games, rain dance, and much more. At wild valley Aclat meadows you get to have sizzling food and drinks from time to time. The food at our resort are prepared and cooked under the direction of the professional supervisor with keeping in mind hygiene practices. In wild valley Aclat meadows basic amenities are like 24 hours room services, toiletries which are available in each of the rooms, free wifi, etc. Despite these topmost services our resorts are very economical and all of the plans are affordable to everyone which makes us an economical resort in Sakleshpur. With our services, we can assure you that your trip to Sakleshpur will be a memorable trip and this will be your only choice in-terms of facilities for staying in Sakleshpur.

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Sakleshpur Places to Visit for Trekking.

Sakleshpur Places to Visit for Adventure.

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