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Why Staying at Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Sakleshpur is best option?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The thrill of travelling and simply getting out of the bustle of your routine and the city life is a peaceful and exciting experience. After being holed up in the same city for more than a few months, be it because of the pandemic, work or just a touch of laziness, anyone could use a breath of fresh air along the lush green winding routes through the Western Ghats. The contrast of the soft warm sun and the blanket of green will make your stay worthwhile in these regions.

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Sakleshpur
Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur, a humble hill-station located amidst the expanse of coffee, tea and spice plantations in the Hassan district, Karnataka will have you gain a newfound appreciation for the Ghats. Homestays in Sakleshpur

A travel plan or a trip is not complete without the actual laborious planning of the stay, food, transport and much more. Anyone on a budget and waiting for an excuse to stretch their legs from their routine will find the Wild Valley Aclat Meadows resorts a perfect fit in their travel plans. The Wild Valley resorts will have you forget the buzz of a city and let you experience the Ghats at its heart in addition to handling the hassle of finding a good place to stay near to all the great spots around Sakleshpur.

About Wild Valley Aclat Meadows Resorts

Wild Valley started by the already well-established Hurray Holidays Private Limited, a notable name in the hospitality industry brings you the perfect vacation in the Western Ghats with an authentic stay in quaint cabins, memorable camping experiences complete with adventure sport activities, great food catering to every whim of the traveler inside you. These luxurious yet rustic and affordable resort experiences fully customizable to match your schedules and interests ensure a peaceful retreat into the nature’s embrace.

Hospitality and stay

The Wild Valley appeals to the adventurer in you and also your family time. They offer family friendly and comfortable stays at rustic cottages letting you experience the feel of the Ghats first hand. There are view-camping options to spend your time amidst nature and under the stars. Experience the fog lift at sunrise unveiling the green blankets of unending trees and flora along the hills right from your tent with your loved ones. The hospitality at the resort is of high quality and class offering wholesome food and comfortable home stays.

The must-have camping experience

The camping experience is a must in the Wild Valley amidst the bio diverse meadows and views that will take your breath away. There are view camping options which are affordable and can be chosen as per your taste. A riverside camping with hearty meals and tea to keep you warm from the chills of the hills or a hill view camping option to enjoy your chai-biscuit with a wonderful view of the hills and the diverse flora to keep you company. Best Resorts in Sakleshpur

Adventure activities to bring out the explorer in you

Wild Valley Aclat meadows offers the best adventure activities for you to blow off steam and unwind from a hectic week. You can choose from a variety of unique and exciting adventure sports and activities which suit you. Some highlight adventure activities like the ‘Superman Zip line’ letting you soar in the skies with the cold and crisp air hitting you, Sky cycling with the gang and some warm evening with music by the bonfire will round out your vacation perfectly. Unwind to the sound and sight of nature under starry skies and morning walks in the coffee plantations at the Wild Valley Aclat Meadows.

For the travel blogger in you

The picturesque stay at the Wild Valley is a perfect picture opportunity everywhere you look. Nature enthusiasts, bird watchers and anyone who just loves greenery will not be able to take your eyes off the views at the hill station of Sakleshpur. The Western Ghats unravel themselves to you enveloping you with spice plantations and lush green forests. The hearty meals are offered in South Indian, North Indian and local cuisines with pocket friendly buffets, breakfasts and Hi-tea. The charm of the wooden cottages in the middle of green foliage will make your ideal hill station vacation come to life. Experience the feel of the local cuisine, plantations and life in Sakleshpur through Wild Valley.

Connectivity and budget

The Wild Valley Aclat Meadows resorts are as near as 5kms from the city center keeping you connected to the city while keeping you far away from its concrete jungle. They let you unwind without the worries of being unreachable or disconnected from your life.

The resorts offer great connectivity to all the great landmarks in and around Sakleshpur being near to them all. Some of the main highlights of Sakleshpur including the best trekking locations, the famous star shaped fort of Manjarabad, Manjehalli waterfalls, sightseeing at the Bisle view point are all nearby and your stay at Wild Valley will not let you miss out on what this hill station has to offer.

Being a pocket friendly resort, the Wild Valley Aclat meadows resorts offer you a budgeted vacation without biting into your hard-earned savings. They offer different packages with different stay options, adventure sports, campfires and more from which you can choose what fits your plans best. In addition to the cottages and the camping, they even offer you the experience of tree houses in their select packages.

Plan your weekend with Wild Valley Aclat meadows resorts to get the best out of the Western Ghats and Sakleshpur. It can be a corporate retreat, a break from your monotonous rut, valuable family time or a blowout with your friends, brings the excitement and the adventure back into your life by spending time in one of the most hospitable Resorts in Sakleshpur.

Homestays in Sakleshpur | Resorts in Sakleshpur

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